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Preparing to enter the parenting world can seem as if you are gearing up to explore an entirely new planet. You read all the books, you test out all the gear and you listen intently to the experiences of those who have already braved the waters. Your beautiful little one arrives and immediately you are more in love than you ever imagined. Here is a perfect little human that you have only just met, but you already know every inch of their face by heart.


It isn’t until you are home, without the doctors and the nurses telling you what to do next, that you realize you have no idea what you are really doing! Parenting, in my opinion, is always second-guessing your decisions but knowing in your heart that you are making the right choices for your child. What works for one will not always work for the other and that cannot be truer than when it comes to sleep.


My husband and I were amongst those sleep-deprived parents out there wondering if their child would ever figure out naps and sleeping through the night. That was when we were directed to an amazing Sleep Sense™ consultant who insisted she could help our little guy learn to sleep. The Sleep Sense™ method, developed by renowned sleep expert Dana Obleman, saved our sanity as our son began to sleep through the night after only two nights on the program!


Following our success with the program, I knew I wanted to offer the same support to other parents with little ones who were struggling with independent sleep. It is my privilege to give you the knowledge and tools to bring a good night’s sleep back to you and your family.

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