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"Oh, dream weaver I believe you can get me through the night. 

Oh, dream weaver I believe we can reach the morning light"

- Gary Wright


“Is your baby keeping you up all night?”

Meet Corey


My husband and I were amongst those sleep-deprived parents out there wondering if their child would ever figure out naps and sleeping through the night. That was when we were directed to an amazing Sleep Sense™ consultant who insisted she could help our little guy learn to sleep. The Sleep Sense™ method, developed by renowned sleep expert Dana Obleman, saved our sanity as my son began to sleep through the night after only two nights on the program!


Tips & Tricks

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Sleeping Baby
Infant & Toddler Consulting


As little ones begin to navigate life, they frequently find themselves mastering new skills. We help them learn to sit up, to walk, to talk, but one of the most important abilities we can teach them is how to sleep.

Success Story
(Mom of  4 Month Old)

Our sleep plan got out daughter to drop her pacifier, stop waking during her "bad hour", and she now sleeps 12 hours! She went through a 4-month regression and was waking up in the middle of the night! NOT ANY MORE! Corey also helped me feel confident again about being a mother and knowing what is best for my baby!

good sleepers
(Mom of  3 Year Old &
10 Month Old)

I used to dread bedtime and nap time because it was always an unpredictable battle! Corey gave me the confidence and support I needed to get these girls back on track so that I was in control of the situation again. I cannot thank Corey enough for being there every step of the way to get me through. In only a matter of a few days I already saw a huge difference. Getting them in a consistent routine has helped my days run more smoothly and has taken the stress out of bedtime which is just what I needed.

sleep help
(Mom of  4 Month Old)

I had never known there were consultants like Corey who could help. She developed a plan (that ended up saving our sanity) and we got right down to it. Within 3 days, our son was sleeping 12 hours through the night, in his crib! Anytime I had a question, Corey was always there. Most importantly, I never felt judged by her from the beginning. Corey was nothing but supportive and helpful from the first time we spoke. I have recommended her to many of my friends. I am eternally grateful for Corey and owe all of mine, my husbands, and my son’s amazing sleep to her!

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